Lost everything while sleeping

Hoping someone at Funcom sees this, or just people in general to prevent it from happening to them.

I went asleep in my base last night, shut down my PS4, turned everything off etc. Woke up this morning with my character dead and everything lost. Was not PVP related, so assuming starvation/thirst. Lost all of my gear and building materials. This one stung a bit since I had gathered up a ton to start building a new base and just kept everything on me. So note to self, put everything in a chest before logging off.

Bummed out

Was it extremely hot or cold in your base? What kind of server are you on?

PS4 Official PvP. Yes we are up north in extreme cold, but I had my cold resist gear on like every night the last few months :grinning:

Sorry, It’s not ps4 note links but same stuff. There was a change in how temp works, so months before history is now irrelevant.

Always the same replies with such topics…
“maybe you freezed/overheat to death”…

Even when people are standing in their base with their normal gear, where you dont suddenly die because of temperature.

I also had that 1 time. Lesson learned => I always put everything in a chest before logging out… it needs some time, but its better to waste some minutes than lose legendaries, armor and other stuff.

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