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I went to my bed, logged off and when I logged back on all my stuff was gone. I died because of temperature changes while inside my bedroom. I have no fireplace. This has never happened before. I would like my stuff back.

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What did you do with the spiced haunch you picked up? Unfortunately you won’t be able to get the items back. But in future always store your items before logging off.

I put all the spice food back into the fridge before going to my room to log off. It seems like it’s time to find a new game with better devs

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I’m on a PVE server. I’ve not had this problem before the latest update. I’m supposed to change my game play because of the devs mistakes? That’s crazy.

Nice very nice

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Hello @SissyChrissy, thank you for reaching out!

To clarify on the occurrence, death due to temperature may happen even without sleeping near a fireplace, there are several factors that may cause this to happen such as the region your base is in, your shelter level and the items being worn, for example.

Unfortunately, we’re unable to provide any refunds of materials or equipment lost, as there is no MMO-like admin support for the game in official servers.

As it has been suggested, depositing all your inventory in a chest when playing online should help prevent any possible loss of items should something happen to your character while you’re offline. It’s also important to check if your character is experiencing any temperature effects before logging out.

I’ve quit playing the game. You guys are simply terrible. Trying to put this issue on the players when it’s obvious that it is a developer issue. I’m sure you’ll hide this comment too because it speaks the truth about how pathetic you are as developers.

Our furniture is disappearing from our house. Trying to cut down trees and nothing happens. But sure, I’m must be cutting the trees down wrong or putting cloaking devices on my furniture. Right?

Own your mistakes and stop blaming your customers.

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