Clean character after server reboot PVE 3034

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: [Europe]

The other day i was playing as usual, went back home and turned the game off. When i got back later that night to find my character without any gear, I left the game standing by my bed.

I looked in the server eventlog which i will provide if needed and there is no sign of the character dying, just got the red text that the items was “decayed”

I know there arent very special items but i had some dyed gear (in white) and i got the dye from a friend (as i cant make it myself) and the whole situation is just annoying! I dont care for the gear except for the 2-handed sword perhaps.

However, if there is a way to restore this or make some form of compensation as i cant be blaimed in any way for this it would be appreciated.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Stand by fireplace and log out…

Hey there @VivaLaVivek, welcome to the forums!

Unfortunately we’re unable to offer any assistance with the restoration of items.

If the death cause wasn’t a player or NPC, it could likely have been temperature related.
Death due to overheating while sleeping happens more frequently than not due to players sleeping close to heat sources, which seemed to be the case.

Ideally, if you are able to reproduce this issue consistently, please share the location, a few screenshots of the area and position to logout, and any detailed steps to take, so that we can share this data with the QA team for further investigation.

We apologize for the frustration and recommend that you always check if your character is experiencing any temperature effects before logging out, as well as depositing all your inventory in a chest, which should help prevent any possible loss of items should something happen to your character while you’re offline.


Hey @VivaLaVivek

Sorry about your stuff, but I do have some advice. I don’t know what level you are, so this might not be as helpful to you yet.

First, don’t sleep near a fireplace.
Take off all your armor and weapons and put them in a chest before you log out (Sleep Naked)
Log out of the game to the main menu before you turn it off.

The Summoning Place has a shrine in the rear where you can find the Darfari Witch Doctor. He/she is an alchemist who can make white & black dye in an improved firebowl cauldron. You will need raw ash for the white, oil for the black. The Witch Doctor spawns randomly, male or female, so you will need to kill the priest and hit that spot a few times to get one. You can tell from a distance, because he is two ft taller than the fighters on each side.

Raw ash can be found in the volcano areas as a byproduct of farming the obsidian, and can also be picked up from random drops by Northern tribes. I’ve had good success with a pick on dead wights at the Mounds of the Dead.


Thanks for your reply, Yeah i have moved on and got better stuff than before so no worries :slight_smile:

Yeah i have looked around the forum and logging out close to a heat source might not be a good idea, however if that was the case here, shouldn’t the eventlog state that the character died?

That is basicly my only question, If that was the case i could under why all my stuff where gone it basicly gives a good reason, other then “Item decayed”

If this happens again i will share the info with you.

Thanks again for a quick reply!


Thanks for the advise!

Iam lvl 60 but i have recently started playing Conan so i have much to learn :slight_smile:

I was under the influence that white and black dye only could be obtained from a thrall that spawned during purge?

If not i will go ahead and capture that sucker as soon as possible :slight_smile: When my friend made the white dye for me i provided with the items needed so i have what i need to do it, just missing the thrall :slight_smile:

Once again thanks! and i have made a point now to walk away from the fireplace (even when its turned off) when o log out

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Update, I got her in the wheel now, Many thanks for the tip! :slight_smile:

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The witch doctor was added on one of the last big updates. We discovered by accident that they made the dyes, just like we discovered that you don’t need fuel in the firebowls anymore.


When. I die in my sleep it usually tells me to respawn the moment I log on and it usually shows I died being I can pick the location, did your gear resist heat or cold? That is a huge factor when sleeping near a heat source as I resist heat and always sleep near a fire. As I am making more metal and or food before bed. So this could have been a factor. Just to add to the possible cause.

I just reported a very similar issue. There seems very much to be a bug with the server restart logic - death and loss of items occurs after server restart NOT shortly after you log off.

But here is a possible source of problem to investigate. This thought is triggered by the following response:

Some things I have noticed before, that until now I had mentally categorized as “minor nuisance” but which in fact may be catastrophic problem, in light of the above quote:

  • Fireplaces that have been turned off keep turning themselves on.
  • Upon logging in, the thermal protection effects of my armor are sometimes inactive, and I have to remove a piece of armor and reequip it before I am properly insulated against the cold (or heat).

If the above two issues are both bugs in the restart system, and thermal effects can kill offline players …

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