All login i loose my items



Hello i have a problem all the time i log out in my house in PVE server and after i come back and login my character full nude and i dont have my items on and my armors what is a problem pls help me thy.


This just happened to me as well, I live in a hanging base so there’s no way someone could of stole my gear without exploiting. I logged out safely with my gear and tools, today upon logging in, it’s all gone, everything.

It’s not a prank from a clan mate either so it’s likely either an exploiter or a really nasty bug that needs to be fixed asap.


Yep I had the same issue today, logged out in a sealed room, all my stuff… gone.


Same here, your character dies of cold or hot but offline. i think the perk of vitality and armor dont work when you are offline


Correct, your VIT stats doesn´t work offline. Specially in the desert its a classic to die due temperature increase bug if you wear cold resist armour in your sleep. My clan member died twice this way, I looted him second time. First time body decayed.

If in doubt, make a chest to store your items in before logoff.


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