Loss of inventory after logging out

Game mode: PVEC
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: EU

I’ve been having this issue for weeks now. I log out and when I log back in, all my inventory, armour and weapons have been dropped and decayed. I can no longer keep up with making new armour and weapons every time I play, I’m running out of resources at a rate of knots. I’ve reported it several times through the game, but nothing has changed, so I’m feeling frustrated now

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Why didn’t you unequip your stuff and put it in a chest before logging out after the second or so time this happened?

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Because I tested it with some food and it was ok so I thought it was fixed. I was initially removing everything prior to that. Now it has started again. This has been on and off for weeks

Just to be safe, you should probably keep storing it in a chest. Pulling stuff out of a chest is quicker than reforging it.

Also, the most common cause for this seems to be heat apparently. People sleep in a room with a heat source. They end up overheating and dying in their sleep.

I’ll give that a try thankyou

Hey there @Faz , thank you for getting in touch!

Does your character also die when this issue occurs?
Did you have any messages in the Event Log?

Could you also share some details regarding the locations where you’re logging out from when this happens?

Just happened to me in house with rare stuff on me event log just tells stuff was lost had how about you add to the events log how was n who kills you im done playing i shouldnt have to degear when loging dont always have time to. I log off with gas mask on so others can gas me offline

What kind of armor were you wearing and where was your location?

This sounds like you are playing on a PvP server, which begs the question, why do you care if you are killed when you are offline? Your body can be looted easily. I would think you would take the time to store everything in a locked chest prior to logging out of the game.

A member of our clan started a war when he looted logged out players. I would never log out with anything on me in PvP. I don’t do it in any game.

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Exactly. He is probably someone’s “gold mine”. He is being looted everytime for sure. Even with clan members, you can loot anything in the inventory, except for the hand equipped. If you put everything into a chest in a closed room with only a door to access, you will know it is someone from your clan.

So this issue actually happens to a couple clan mates of mine on an official server we play on. One clan mate will log off an log back in and discovered that his character was killed. It’ll happen in our base that is completely locked up and he will lose everything. The event logs just show that all of his gear was decayed in a lottbag. Happens during server resets too.
The other clan mate is a gatherer and it happens to her too but sometimes it doesn’t happen to her items in her bag it’ll happen to her items that she has placed in a furnace to get cooked.
It is a common occurrence , whenever they log out the place stuff in chest now but sometimes it happens during server resets when we get no warning or when they blue screen on the ps4.
We haven’t seen it happen since the new update came out on the PS4. But then again it has only been a couple of days so we will wait and see.

Is anyone next to a hearth or heat source? Cold?

The best route is to not log out with inventory.

I stored in locked chests and when I logged back in I no longer have ownership of chest. So can’t open and get items or destroy chests. Also items have just disappeared from chests and I play single player

I can sit/idle in my base naked all the day long and nothing happens… the same with aqualonian gear. I get cold. Thats it.
But I also lost my stuff, while in Aqualonian flawless armor - since then I always put all my stuff in a chest… Well not always, sometimes I forgot to put it in the chest.

Its Just the most used answer in such posts: you died because of heat and then devs dont even give a look into that bug…

If you are single player on your console, you can go into the settings and make yourself the Administrator. Then check and see if the “No Owner” boxes are checked (I think it’s no owner). You should be able to restore your items.

I tried suggestion, box was ticked so I un ticked. Logged out then back in…had a panic moment when I couldn’t open any of my containers. Re ticked box and could open again,except for the ones that were locked when I first lost ownership

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