PvE logged in and entire inventory gone!

Game mode: [Online official]
Type of issue: [ Bug ]
Server type: [ PvE ]
Region: [ EU ]
Hardware: [ PS5 ]

Bug Description:

I logged into the server today and spawned slightly outside the small base I logged off in, naked and will my entire inventory gone, as if I had died. No body anywhere nearby. Character had redeemed legion armor, star metal weapons etc. All gone.

EU official PvE server 3016

Please give me my inventory back immediately, countless hours have gone into crafting and collecting everything that is now lost. I am also in the north and cannot return to my other base as I have no food nor cold protection now.

Steps to Reproduce:

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. Please be as detailed as possible; the more details, the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

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According to the event log, my character was killed by “blank” (there is no name listed) on PvE while I was logged out.

The “blank” u mention is a meteorite…

U just was logged out and a meteorite fall on you… the craftables u had on may seem expensive atm but in time u will see its no big deal…

As for ur other base stay naked and with nothing in inventory, select remove bracelet, then select to spawn at desert (if u have no bed or bedroll on the other base) and walk ur way through the land towards ur other base…

Btw out of curiosity can u show us where ur base( the place u got killed at) is?

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That’s not really an acceptable situation though is it? I play solo mostly so trust me the hardened leather for my armor alone is several hours play. Nevermind the quest items I had on me that I don’t even remember where I got them anymore.

I was near Eyelet Lake, had a base there before for quite some time, never had anything happen like this.

Still want Funcom to give me my stuff back…

They don’t do that. Ever. If you don’t believe me, you can look around in the forums, they’ve said it repeatedly.

Lovely. Sounds like a pretty ridiculous bug, since the hut I was in, my bedroll, and my horse and a thrall - all in the 2x3 hut with me, were untouched.

So I guess I need to avoid ever logging off anywhere near where meteors fall? Any other ​dangers of dying while logged off in PvE I should be aware of?

Thanks for the help btw. I have a bed at my main base so can spawn back there, but also have a thrall and horse with me in the north, so will have to hike back for them I suppose - or put on his armor and leg it back on the horse. But first need to downgrade all equipment a tier or 2 with whatever I have in storage… :-/

That was one laser-precise meteorite

Okay, that’s weird. I also assumed that “killed by (blank)” meant a meteor strike, but now that you clarified it’s a 2x3 hut and there’s no damage to the building, that doesn’t sound like a meteor anymore.

Just to be sure there’s no miscommunication: there’s no damage to the building, at all?

Meteor strike zones used to be no-build zones. Then Funcom changed that and I really don’t understand why, because anything you build in those zones will get obliterated as soon as a meteor lands. And it will land there every now and then.

I’ve never seen any point in gratuitously punishing players with mechanics that the game doesn’t teach them about, and that they can’t defend from in any way. :man_shrugging:

Yes. Don’t log out on top of a bed. There’s a bug that sometimes makes you die from that. If you want to sleep on top of your bed while logged out, strip naked and put all your inventory in a chest. And hope that this chest won’t be affected by the decay/stability bug that has been introduced recently…

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The door was missing. The rest of the 2x3, including the roof, my horse and thrall inside, and the bedroll, were all fine. When I spawned after the supposed death, I was actually just outside the hut next to its wall rather than inside where I logged off.

I used to have a base at the same location (recently lost due to a miscalculation of decay timers on my part), and on 2 occasions small parts of the base took damage and even were destroyed, but never in the spot my 2x3 is and never did anything happen to me inside it.

If a meteor killed me I can accept that I suppose (and learn to never build in meteor territory again), but it should have taken out the surrounding building as well (and I assume my horse and thrall).

Yes, avoid logging out near meteorites as they insta kill u if they land on u.
Also avoid logging out at places with extreme temperatures (like bridge if the betrayer, or volcano), cause when u log out the perk that makes u resilient to temperatures stops working and u die from harsh conditions , and if u r in an area where sandstorm affects ur character keep in mind not to have windows near u (or to be more precise, make sure u have the full shelter icon ON ), so sandstorm cannot harm u.
Lastly make sure u never log out directly above or below fireplaces and furnaces as they raise the temp and u die due thirst(that comes from overheating)…

What makes hardened leather so hard to craft?(plz do not misunderstand the question, i am a solo player mostly and i personally do not find it really hard to gather materials and craft it, so i was wondering how u do it , in case i can help out)…

Thanks for the tips, I’ll keep those in mind.

For hardened leather, the gold and silver (mostly the gold) are the challenge. With a Garrison Armorers Bench and a named armorer, Redeemed Legion needs 235 alchemical base for the set, which takes a few trips to the eastern jungle to find enough gold for, unless I’m lucky to stumble across a demonic rock nose or something. Haven’t yet found any better places to farm it.

I know you can supposedly buy a gold rock nose in one of the NPC towns but haven’t tried that yet, mostly on account of having to wade through all the hostile NPCs first.

Open to any other suggestions… :wink:

try harvesting the obsidian nodes in the volcano… a full round there gives arou nd 80-120 gold ore (depending on the pick u use) way easier than the bay and the scarse coins that the npcs occasionally drop… also kill ANY t3 or above bearer u encounter… most times a pack from t3 or t4 bearers will drop alchemical base by 500’s or 250’s… but volcano is by far the best way to obtain it (besides the steady income u get from gold noses (not an easy task to grow goldveined ones…)

ur 1st obsidian nodes (if u do not have a heat insulated armour enoughg for volcano) can be found at the road of the righteous on the right side and north of black keep… also plenty of nodes to start gathering there… keep an eye to ur temp and all should be ok

for silver a visit to silvermine will give more than enough… u do not have to do the boss as u can exit from the way u entered there

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he also mentioned that he spawned right ourside of the hut… which probably means his bedroll was too close to wall (so game calculated the spawn point outside of the hut) or his body dropped in a way that he logged out half outside of the hut (possibly too near to a wall)… in this case the meteor could land within radius to kill him , but far enough to have not affected the building…

the door that is missing could also mean that his hut decayed (timmer reached 0), another player took off the door to inspect if loot was in , and then left , and his shelter with the door open stopped providing full shelter, resulting in dmg taken by frostbite (as the perk that shields u from temperature stops working when u r offline…)

Okay, so, two more questions:

  • How long have you been logged off?
  • Was there any damage to your building pieces? If you equip a repair hammer and get close to your foundations, walls, and roofs, you should get a pop up for each of them showing if there was damage.

Also, do you know about how decay timers work? That’s another thing the game doesn’t teach you about, unfortunately, and a lot of people get a nasty surprise at some point when they find out :confused:

Its a very large area they fall thou… It was good change.

And fun suprise when you log back in, or head up hill to your home to find part of it missing. XD
I’ve had a few homes never get hit… then one day SURPRISE!!! BAM!

Heck, One spot I build off to side, behind large Ice Peak… I went years with out it being hit, one day a meteor went past peak and planted me in face. o_0’

Hence why my home is near small goat path hidden in trees. XD

I tend to always log out in my “safe room” online, so I can easily nab my stuff from chest on a triangle ledge. or respawn on bed in side room. I can’t speak for “blank” death.

I’ve mostly died on log in due to weather, and long load screens…and find my base isn’t fully loaded protecting me. =/

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I’d been logged off for about 2 days, so well within the decay timer of 7 (or 14 over the holidays). I didn’t check for damage on the building pieces but they were all tier 1 (it was a temporary hut). The bedroll was centered on one of the foundations, not too close to the wall I would have thought, and I logged out sort of center of of 2x3 room as I recall.

Even without the door, the inside of the hut was warm enough when I was naked, so don’t think it was the temperature unless it logged me off outside because of some bug. But that doesn’t explain the missing door…

Thanks, I’ll try the obsidian then. Haven’t gotten to the volcano yet, was about to but need to remake my armor first… I’ll check out the area near the Black Keep.

Now I just need to redo the Dregs to get the staff of the triumvirate that also despawned. And then reawaken it I suppose.

u do not need 2 bars insulated armour to access the road of the righteous… just keep an eye on ur temp… when it get hot get naked… and if u still hot , just run down the mountain… should provide enough gold though to replenish the armour u lost (if not more)

Yeah, that’s weird. Does the log say anything about the door at all?

If the log has nothing about the door, then that’s definitely a bug. If the log says the door decayed, then that’s also a bug, one that might be related to some other bugs that have already been reported (but there’s nothing wrong with reporting this one separately, of course).

If the log says the door was destroyed, then it could be that a meteor landed in the precise spot that its AOE damage would only destroy your door without destroying anything else, and then maybe the exposure killed you because you didn’t have a door anymore.

can anyone build a 2x3 in sandstone and tell us the timmer? there is a chanche that the build decayed under 48 hrs so someone could destroy the door (the log does not inform u about who destroys placeables) and left as nothing serious was there… when u logged back in the decay timmer got renewed… aka base indeed decayed but the 24hrs that stays in decay state has not passed… that would explain the possibility of themissing door…

the death could be explained IF ur character is above 20 vitality , then the weather could not affect u enough to die while u was ON due to 2nd vitality perk , but when u log out this perk does not work so u could die of frostbite

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