Missing Items on Log in Help!

Game mode: [Online | Multiplayer]
Problem: [Bug | Misc]
Region: [Central]

Need help!!! is anyone else having this issue. My husband and i loggd off the other day we are on an official PVE server, we went back to our camp and logged out we made sure it went to the main screen after you log and then we both fully closed the game out. So today we decided to log in to refresh the time on our buildings i log in everything was fine he logs in and hes naked with nothing in his inventory : / like wth… we check everything at our camp and nothing else has been taken or removed so we are sure he didnt get hackd because they would have taken more stuff then just what was on him. This is the second time this has happened to him where he has just log’d in and all his stuff was gone :frowning: and i mean he had a full set of champions and Silent legion on him and 2 Predatory blades and alot of legendaries he had on him that he used, everything is now gone : / full set of bloodstone tools and like i said we made sure we logged out to the main screen and then also closed the game and this happened for a second time :confused: anyone else ever have this problem?

You check the event log? Maybe died of temperature changes?

Alot of players put their armor and weapons in a locked chest before logging out. That way what ever you die from your goods r secure

Your body remains in the world after you log out on official servers, you can still die.

Yea this just happen to me, and it was 4 hours after I logged so definitely the game.

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As it has been suggested, could you please let us know if there are any relevant messages in the Event Log?

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