Logged out and lost all stuff on character?

After last update. Logged off line less than 24 hours later logged on line my character is naked. Event log shows nothing. Exited game 12:30 am central standard time. I’m on non-pvp server.

This happened to me also recently. Nothing in the logs other than my items decaying that I had in inventory. Its been reported as a bug by a few of us. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do at this time. I created a cabinet in my main base where I log out, and I put everything in it before I log now.

you have probably died. too hot, too cold, clipping, it could be anything but as JJ said it can happen and if you don’t want to lose your stuff, drop it in a chest and log out naked.


Yeah happend to me aswell, kind of annoying but as some you guys say smart move to put everything i a box before you log out.

Maybe have to start with that, Sad though that its “needed”

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