BUG ISSUES / lost character

Yesterday i was playing normally , then i logged off . Today morning i sign in I got shocked that i lost all of my armor set it just disappeared + tools and weapons ( everything) without dieing character was inside the house and I’m sure that no one took the stuff because when I logged out my friend was beside me as well but i lost everything and my friend didn’t .

On PS4
Conan exile - isle of siptah
Can anyone help me please !?

You should check what your event log says and post that.

Good rule of thumb for this game, ALWAYS dump everything into a chest before you log off. I have been playing since Feb of 2017, over 7k hours, and I do it religiously.

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Thank you

Al right thanks :blush:

Always sleep naked :slight_smile:

And everything locked in 2 chests.

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