Lost all my armor and hotbar itens!

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: Latin America 1985

I did stop playing conan for a while, but i want to come back at the horse update. So i always log in the game in like 2 or 3 days to maintain my base. Got raided but it is fine and part of the game, at least they didn’t destroy my base (dont know how they got iinside).

Everything was fine for me, being raided is part of the game. But i always could check the event log and see that i really got raided.

But now, somehow ALL MY ITENS DISAPPEARED, the ones i had equiped and at hotbar. I did check the event log but i didn’t get raided and my character is in a harder spot then the rest of my base. I did think of undermesh raid, but i got nothing on the event log, or does is don’t appear if they take from your character?

If it is a bug, i want all my things back, not the raided ones, but the ones that disappeared without explanation.

I still want tis solved

Hey @thesimon2

We don’t offer reimbursement of materials nor items as Conan Exiles does not have MMO-like support.
In your situation, it might seem like your character died or their items stolen during the raid.

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How? Can you explain it?

My house is INTACT! And i did not get out of it. And like i said, there is NOTHING on the event log.
I got raided few days ago (base, not house) and i know that it needs to be on the event log.

My itens (on my character) disappeared with no message on the log! And why ther raider would steal even the torch? Don’t make any sense!

Please, explain to me how my things disappeared.

online official
PVE US server

my clanmate just got on and said he’s naked and everything in his hotbar is gone. basically describing the thesimon2 experience above.

he checked the event log which said he died of hunger yesterday. we were both online at the same time 2 days ago and both logged off at the same time. i recall his checking his food and water status as i did before logging.

Yesterday neither of us could log onto the game at all. the game hung up at startup on a loading screen after the server screen.

even though his event screen shows he died of hunger he woke up in the same place he logged off. And since im pretty sure he checked his eat/drink before logging I’m calling this a bug.

similar to whats happening to me. No chance of being raided or killed. I am in single player mode.
In my case feats are disappearing, when I look in the feats selection page, they all show as being unlocked, but they are unavailable from crafting menu. hot bar items unselectable

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