Missing items from base when i log in

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I have logged in and all my workstations and chests and materials are missing as well as my Ymirs temple, all walls are present and my fellow clans bases and items next to mine are intact

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  1. Log in
  2. Everything is missing


did you look into the eventlog if there is any entry what happened?
Sometimes server needs serveral time to load all things, in worst case it can take a few minutes.

When i log in it need 2-3 minutes till all things are loaded.

sounds the same as Logged in and all base items are missing
Do check your event log as previously suggested; look out for ‘…lost stability’ as a reason why your stuff disappeared

Items can be destroyed also if you dont log in often if the server has a decay timer set.
You dont have to trash a base if you want you can just destroy placeables.

This just happened to me as well. I played just a day ago and when I logged in today all my crafting stations and crafting thralls that we in my base are gone. Any stations that were outside the base are still there as well as their assigned thralls. Our server has decay turned off.

This happened to my clan on an official server a few weeks ago. It was NOT due to stability or decay issues. It was due to someone using admin commands. Was told this exploit had been patched out…

You will receive lots of comments from people telling you that it’s your own fault due to decay or not having enough stability. If it’s like our issue - there will be nothing in the event log, obviously due to it being a hack.

Lost 2 and 1/2 years of rare items and thralls, even some things that aren’t available in game anymore.

On a positive, this event & the last update has cured my Conan addiction and I’ve found something new.

I’m expecting to get flagged.

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