Items gone after logging in (not due to decay nor raiding)

Logged in today to find my Large Chests inside my T3 base completely emptied out.
I play on official server #1060 PVP (PC)
Nothing is shown about it in the event log.
given I did get raided in my second base 3 days earlier and I haven’t logged in since, they’re not the perpetrators considering they didn’t make it into this base and the event log isnt showing any of the items being taken out whatsoever. My guess? someone’s using exploits and emptied my base using admin panel or something…
I’m talking big amounts here like several stacks of steel reinforcements, shaped wood, dragon powder, etc etc…

Been in a similar situation before where writing on the forum was frustratingly pointless. Really hope something can be done this time.

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Items disappeared from chests
Game Mode: Online official
Server Type: PvP
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: Official Server #1060 (PC)
Mods: none

the coordinates of the base and the chests are 7A

Yeah mate I got done the other day. It’s people cheating. Get off official.

All my workstations disappeared together with thralls and mats , also all of my chests but everything else is ok. Nothing in the event log …
Recently they changed the decay timer back to 7 days , maybe this is some bug in relation with that.

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