Game mode: Online official #1524
Type of issue: Bug/Misc I don’t know what to call it
Server type: PvE
Region: US

I launched Conan Exiles as I normally do on 27/6/2020 the game loaded up and I selected my server [Official server #1524 PvE] to load. When my game finished loading I noticed that many of my items were missing my religious temples, my animal pen, my work benches, my storage boxes all gone. MY buildings and structures are all loaded but 2/3 of my items did not load and are nowhere to be found. I checked the log and it did not show any indication as to what happened to my items.
I have reloaded the game as has been suggested in the forums but no return of my stuff.
Can i get some help here as this is over a years worth of work lost to IDKW W = what.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

1.launched Conan Exiles pressed the PLAY ONLINE button was taken to the server list which took an enormous amount of time to load about 7-10 minutes.
2. I then had to select different columns to find my server as it was no longer listed as a FAVORITE i then selected it and pressed the JOIN button and it started to load me into the server this as well took a long time, yes longer than usual expected.
3.When my character appeared on screen i immediately noticed something was wrong as none of the crafting table which should have been around me were missing. I walked around and could find none of them but my building was intact, which struck me as strange as your building goes first if you timed out on the decay.

If your stuff hit the decay mark, and yes on a PvE server, anyone can break your doors to get inside your place. This will add another 24 hours decay to your building but not your altars, benches, crafting stations, chest, etc. This containers can now be broken my anyone and it will drop a loot bag that can be looted by anyone. If this don’t happen (Looting after decay triggers the 24 hour buffer time), the 24 hours will still run and after it’s over, everything will crumble as soon as anyone gets in range. Loot bags will drop on the floor for everything that is a container and can be looted up to 1 minute after they drop.

It sounds to me that you hit the decay timer and your 24 hour buffer timer saved your buildings because you logged in just in time before all turned to dust, but not before someone had already looted all the containers, sorry for your lost. @yojimbo

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Ok i get you explanation.
just one thing the event report doesn’t keep a log of this? Because, in the past any incursions were listed in the event logs why didn’t this event get logged?

Additionally my main building, walls, and maproom are all here my temples and animal pen and stables all disapeared with out any of this being listed in the event logs. Why is that?

Did you actually click on submit in the event log so that it populated the list?


Like Multigun said, make sure you set the parameters in the search for the event log and the desire range and click submit.


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