Lost base on a server because of the update

Game mode: [Pve Conflict]
Type of issue: [Lost base because of the update]
Server type: [| PvE-Conflict |]
Region: [Please enter your server region]

[Hello. My steam account’s name is ***** and i am a fellow player of conan the exiles. I was playing on a server pve conflict server and i had a big base in that server. I put lots of hours to build that base and it has been decayed. I know it will take 2 weeks but my base took shorter for some reason. I know that because i log in to the server every 2 weeks in a row. the server is Official server #1042 PvE Conflict - g-portal. com. I was wondering if i could not get my base back. Atleast can i get a copy of the server before the day 21.09 ? Please its really important for me to recover that base. Becasue i would keep playing on singleplayer. Its really important for me. Thank you. Thats what i wrote for the support for funcom. Guys it really breaks my heart to loose my base that i spend so many hours to. I am sure that you all spend so many hours to your base but you logging in contantly. Because of my work and responsibilities i couldnt logged in and it wasnt even 2 weeks before it decayed. I just want a copy or a saved game from that server and keep playing in single mode. That base… My base just kept me play this game only. Hope anyone understand me what i am trying to say.]

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

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Hey @arkonman

We cannot re-roll databases in an official server nor can offer compensation for lost materials, as Conan Exiles doesn’t have MMO-like support in its servers. The decay timers were reverted to their normal value of 1 week early in September after the Summer break.
Apologies for the frustration.

@Ignasi Perhaps the decay system should be changed a bit, like giving players that play often some extra time on the decay timer.
Like: People who log in once a week and play for five minutes just to refresh their bases get the normal 168 hours of decay time. People who play for several hours on a single day per week should get an additional 24 hours, peope who play for several hours for more than three days a week should get another week.
This way peope could save up on decay time to get 2 weeks worth and people who just log in to refresh their bases stay with the normal decay time.
Two weeks should be the maximum on decay time that could be saved up this way.

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