Lost base on a server

Hello. My steam account’s name is ***** and i am a fellow player of conan the exiles. I was playing on a server pve conflict server and i had a big base in that server. I put lots of hours to build that base and it has been decayed. I know it will take 2 weeks but my base took shorter for some reason. I know that because i log in to the server every 2 weeks in a row. the server is Official server #1042 PvE Conflict - g-portal. com. I was wondering if i could not get my base back. Atleast can i get a copy of the server before the day 21.09 ? Please its really important for me to recover that base. Becasue i would keep playing on singleplayer. Its really important for me. Thank you. Thats what i wrote for the support for funcom. Guys it really breaks my heart to loose my base that i spend so many hours to. I am sure that you all spend so many hours to your base but you logging in contantly. Because of my work and responsibilities i couldnt logged in and it wasnt even 2 weeks before it decayed. I just want a copy or a saved game from that server and keep playing in single mode. That base… My base just kept me play this game only. Hope anyone understand me what i am trying to say.

Unfortunately the decay timer was reset to 168 hours or one week. They did announce it.
If you want to transfer to a single player game, you can use the admin commands to spawn in everything.
This will still require you to rebuild, but you won’t need to farm for materials and Thralls.


I just want a copy of my base to keep playing survival in single player. Decay time was 2 weeks… Its just not fair man.

Yeah unfortunately decay (that b…ch of a mechanic) was reset to its usual duration (one week) a while back. They did announce it, but well… it’s an easy thing to miss, even so.

I do agree that it would be a nice feature if one could somehow get a copy of their official server database, naturally cleared of the data and buildings etc of other players, to take into Single Player. I’m probably making that transition myself soon.

It wouldn’t be too difficult technically speaking (some work, but nothing that couldn’t be done). The real problem - and why we won’t see this - is that Funcom has no easy way (and perhaps no way at all) to authenticate your forum account and your ingame account, to ensure that only you get your data.

You could do it with admin mode and spawn it in at single player.

I have randomly “destroyed” messages for SOME parts of my building. Like yesterday (again)… 2 lights, 1 well, 1 foundation (black ice) and 2 ceilings just got destroyed… Every black ice piece within 10m radius had ~500 less hitpoints.
BUT: the staircase from stone had full health. The doors also had full health, but the ceiling above not…

If it would have been a creature, the things which got dmg make no sense at all. The same if it would have been a meteor…
The map-room above the ceiling is also fine, but the ceiling gotten dmg…

And it didnt say “decayed”, it just said “it got destroyed”?!

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