I log back into my online PvE server and all my character equipment, tools, inventory, gear is gone

So, I have played this game non-stop for the past month or so, and yes the game is super buggy, unstable, crashes often, disconnects you from servers often, but I have never had this problem before. Yesterday I log off for the day, today I log back in, and the game did not load my character’s inventory and hot bar item, wtf?!?!?!? I had star metal weapons and tools, steel truncheons, food, etc. Can I get my items back somehow or???

Sounds like you died. Or you were robbed. Or both.

Your body doesn’t vanish when you log off, so it’s susceptible to things like mischief from other players, gas arrows, sandstorms, temperature fluctuation, etc. Folks have reported their offline character dying from heat exposure because they logged off next to a lit furnace or fireplace or something of that nature, for example.

Anyway, your health dwindles away, you die, your body decays away, and then the bag containing your stuff decays away. That’s why a lot of people make it a habit to have a designated chest or something that they store all their stuff in before they log out. You wouldn’t be the first to learn this the hard way, and you certainly won’t be the last.

Always mention whether and what server you are playing on, or whether solo playing. Also, if on a modded server. As @Glurin says, Decay is likely the culprit, or just being raided if PvP.

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