Lost all my gear

Game mode: [Online official]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [PvE-Conflict]
Region: [EU]

Log out last night [23/02/20] in the base/shelter on PVE-C and after putting some of the materials I had gathered away. However, when I have logged in this afternoon I was completely naked and carrying nothing. I had recently been D13-14 gathering. Then returned by fast travelling to B8 after which, I dropped off some items I had gathered. Leaving all my epic amour, tools weapons on me etc… Logging in today [24/02/20]

Can you investigated this and where possible return those items lost. If you require exact server name and my steam ID please contact me directly.

I logged out last night at around 21:40 (UK) time and I was again, safely in my base/shelter and had been for a few minutes. And there was no weather warning. My death must have been shortly after logging out, either from a delay in the server by fast travelling, or it got volcanic hot in B8. Which should not have happened. No other states were low.

Have you checked your event log for the reason of your death?

Yup, said I died due temperature change. Literally ran from the obelisk I spawn at, topping up my water levels at the well all most next to it. Ran to my base (2mins away), dropped a few things on a forge then logged off.

Yes I was still wearing fur gear, and my health wasn’t low so I should not have been effected in the time I was active in that area to die. My body must have been persistent after I logged out which was effected.

Did you log off near a heat source: furnace for example? They can kill you, if you are in already hot area. In any case, the safest bet is to store your gear in a chest before logging out. There is no GM like support on officials, sadly your lost items won’t be restored.

Furnace wasn’t on and I ran up level away from it anyway.

Furnaces will cook you alive no matter how high or below you are to them, their temperature effects go straight up and down infinitely. Unfortunately your seat isn’t a bug and is actually an intended part of the game. We’re you near any placeable like glowing torches or a fireplace or a campfire or even witchfire torches?

Yes your body persists in the game when you are logged out. (except for some private servers)
It doesn’t matter what armor you had on, armor temperature stats stop working when you log out.

May I ask what building material your base is built from? and a rough description of the location?

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