Lost all my gear for no apparent reason

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [USA]

Ooooh boy im trying to watch what i say…just logged on to the official pve server I play on to find im not where i logged out at and im naked. Soooo that means something killed me while in my base…with all the protection i have i doubt it was an npc or anything…so lets check the log…server restarted…and my gear is gone now…doesnt say why i died…this…im pissed…fix your f…game…ffs

And looking at what i lost maybe you’ll understand why im so peeved.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Log in official pve server
  2. See you died while logged off
  3. Check log and get no answers
  4. Try not to lose your s***…!

sorry for your loss. what did you wear when you logged out? where is your base located?

when you log out the perks stop working so you have probably died from being too hot or too cold. it is always good to store your belongings in a chest and log out naked. even if you die, you won’t lose anything.

Im in the desert by the mitra trainer…always logged out in my gear before with no issues. Just dont understand why out of the blue I’d die. Thing that bothers me most is it happened while i wasnt even in the game. Its a pve server…im in ny base. If you die while not in the game there shouldnt be a timer on your belongings till you log back in.

What did u wear? Cold armor? Did you have the full house buff? Did you log out near a source of heat?
What we do is drop our stuff in a chest before logging out. You should do so as well.

Why would i wear cold armor in the desert? I wear heat resistant armor. Silent legion. Have all 4 bars of heat resistance.

you lost flawless vanir heavy as well according to your screenshots, maybe you forgot to swap your gear before logging out?

Nah I generally only wear that when im in the snow area

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