Went to bed, all items in inventory and gear on my person were gone my next session

All worn gear and inventory items vanished when i logged back in a few days later. Woke up naked. My buddy has also come back to the game along with me and hasn’t experienced this issue. Very disheartening when your sand mask and very expensive to make gear goes poof for no reason. X-box Series X wired connection. Game is on the Xbox, not on external.

Have you checked the logs?

The dudes on pve so a player didn’t do it

Had this happen to me you have to log off.if you just shut the game off your toon will just stand there and starve to death .at least its happend to me

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Also happened for me pre update in mountain area. When you log off there was a glitch that ment your survival bonuses did not applie whille offline so I would freeze to death in my base next to a fire

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Happened to me a week or so ago. PvsE Conflict server. Logged out inside my house with equipment. Logged back in next day still in the house, but my inventory was all gone. Isle of SIptah. Nothing in the log to indicate what had happened.

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