Equipment and items disappearing from inventory

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Basic Info:

Platform: Xbox Series S
Issue Type: Other
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvP
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: Official Server #2995

Bug Description:

My equipments and items are disappearing from my inventory when I go offline. The same error happens to my friend. It happens when I get more than 2 hours offline from the game, I guess.

Bug Reproduction:

I just log off the game, and the next time I go online, all my stuff disappears.

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On pvp can you’re clan mates not borrow your items? I remember taking members clothes and dressing them in Bejeweled hot pink :heartpulse:. But seriously on ps4 pve-c I can login with no torches and maybe 1 water bottle replace and a bit later have 4 or more each wife has the same issue between us we still are not crazy

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You can file a Zendesk report at Zendesk Funcom. Com

Are you dying while offline?
Are you logging out in a secure place? All build interlocked?
Are you logging off near a wall or a window?
Have you checked your event log?

Never log off with anything on you. Always dump everything into a locked chest.

There’s only me and a friend in our clan. We log off in our safe-post, so there’s no way an ally could get our things or someone invade or steal us.
And just now I realized the itens I got from a PvP just desappeared from a chest after my friend and I disconnected from the game and returned a couple hours later.
I don’t know if it’s an error from the server or a major bug.

I log off inside a safe post we built (me and a friend). There’s no way someone could invade there (we checked).
First time all my itens disappeared I log off in the middle of the room in the post. The second time was on my bed and this time all my stuff disappeared (luckly I put the important things in a chest).
But now I realized that some itens I got from PvP just disappeared from the chest and I don’t know why.

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Are you dying?

What do your event logs say?

Yesterday there was nothing on the Event Log. It was all blank and I don’t think I’m dying.
Is there any way you can diw while offline the game?

If you are in an area of the map that has extreme temperatures, hot or cold, and you are using armor as insulation to stay alive, that temperature buff from the armor goes away when you go offline, so its possible that temperature change is killing you. Always safe to log off naked, but that doesnt solve why things are disappearing from chests.



In your event log make sure to increase proximity fully to the right and days according to the time period. Default of 7 days is fine but more if needed.

@Nemisis is right though.

The reason I’ve been asking these questions is trying to rule out normal actions or bugs first.

You absolutely can die while offline and there’s a few legitimate ways such as Nemises pointed out. There’s also a bug currently that if your hunger meter is low it will continue to go down and you’ll starve and die after logging off.

Being on a PVP server… Players can loot your body if you’re poking out a wall, reach through a window to loot or kill you with a gas orb and hope your body comes out of the building.

Check friendly inventory access in logs to see if a clanmate may have moved the missing stored items as well.

There has been a bug where placeables, like chests, lose stability but if the chests is still there? Bug?

If you can rule out all these possibilities chances are you were hacked. Although I am not sure how far hacking goes on consoles :confused:

Ive had the same problems

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