Lost all my stuff after a server start and I was offline

Game mode: [Online ]
Problem: [Bug ]
Region: [EU, SERVER 3050]

Yesterday I played with my new character malailee after a long time conan exiles and I logged off in our base. I had no problems. Today my clan member talked to me that I died after the server start new. He said I stand up (in our base)died in our base and all my stuff was in a bag next to me and he can’t take the bag because I died and he had no authorisation to talk it.
Why I can die when I was offline and in my own base?why I can lost all my legendary stuff? I lost the lying bastard sword, bow the red mother,last breath the red mother, the shield solodor, the lion axe and my special winter clothes. I’m really pissed off because I can’t understand it.

You can always die because of temperature or a monster kills you in your sleeping position (yes, even in PvE).

Always put your stuff in a chest, before you logout.

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