Die and lose all items on server restart

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This just happened to a clan mate. On Official Server #3509 (PVE).

The player was offline. He had logged out inside his room in our base. Everything normal.

Today he logs on, to find that he is dead, and that EVERY SINGLE ITEM HE HAD ON HIM HAD DISAPPEARED. Including epic gear and weapons, expensive materials, and so on.

According to the system event log, the server was restarted at 2019.06.22-06.15.31.
All of his items disappeared at 06.52.57 (30 mins later). The log has a whole series of messages of the form “Lootbag owned by *** has decayed, item … is lost.”.

It would seem that the mere act of the server restarting KILLED HIS CHARACTER, DROPPED ALL HIS INVENTORY, and decayed every single one of his possesions away!

This player may well never come back to the game after that loss. Can’t say I blame them.

In addition to reporting this problem, I’d also like to know, is there any recourse by which he may get all his lost items returned?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Sadly, that will never happen. No matter what caused it, they don’t return items or offer that level of support.

The best thing you can do is put a chest in your room, unequip everything and put it in the chest, move away from any heat sources (even if they are turned off), then and only then log out. (Basically, sleep naked and away from fires.)

It won’t help with the items already lost, but it should prevent it from happening again.

OK. There have been threads around suggesting thermal issues to other players that have experienced somewhat similar issues. I can’t speak to those other player’s circumstances, but that certainly is not applicable here. Let’s shoot this down now.

  • The player in question was fully aware of the claims about thermal issues killing some offline players, and had taken normal precautions against this, as he does any time he logs out (as do I). He logged out in the same place and in same gear he normally does, with nary a problem. He certainly was not in any sort of thermal distress when he logged off.
  • If environmental issues had been the cause, he would have died (and lost his inventory) shortly after logging out. That isn’t what happened. His apparent death and loss of inventory occurred after the server was restarted, which was 6+ hours after he had logged out.

A common element to the situation I’m reporting, and in a number of those other reports, seems to be “after server restart”. Strong circumstantial evidence that some condition changes at the time of the restart … leading indirectly to the killing of the offline player.

The event log does not contain information about a player’s death (odd, in itself!). So we cannot do anything but speculate about WHY they died. Thermal distress is actually one of the less likely culprits, given that we are already actively taking precautions against this. Cause could be anything … maybe suddenly hunger and thirst are operating again. Maybe they were hit by cosmic rays. Whatever the cause, the result is painful, and driving away players.

I do hope that someone from Funcom can reply to this thread.

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