Logging in only to find all items gone

Game mode: [Online | PVE ]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | ]
Region: [America Official Server 3500 ]

[Upon logging in this morning to a PVE sever i find that my character was respawned in the desert, with all my equipment gone, regardless of having a bed assigned to me and a death marker not present. Days of progress gone in the blink of an eye , due to Funcoms incompetence. I will be issuing multiple grievances to the appropriate parties ie-BBB,FTC,Sony,ETC. This product should not have been shipped in this state, the integrity of your’e company will forever be stained in my eyes. The Conan brand deserves better]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Log in
2.Log out


Did you log out in the Snow area of the north? If so then that’s going to be the issue,logging off takes away any heat or cold resistances you have right now.

That doesn’t explain why there wouldn’t be a corpse to retrieve though. I’ve quit playing for the time being also because I had this happen twice in less than a week. It happened on a private pve server. One time it happened after I logged out for two hours to eat and watch a movie. The other, I was logged out for about 24 hours, logged out one night to go bed and logged back in the best day.

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My base is located in the north made of Tier 3 material, i left my avatar next to a hearth with the temp meter stable.

even if death did occur i should have respawned by the bed not in the desert.

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Again i urge all who have purchased this product and are not satisfied with its current state to file grievances to the appropriate parties such as Sony, BBB , FTC and Consumer Reports. The current state of the game is beyond abysmal, how they managed to get it cleared for release on both consoles is rather suspicious.


Instead of blaming the devs, look at all things involved.

  1. How long were you logged out. With normal settings, logging out for longer than 24 hrs will result in death. This is due to idle hunger and thirst values.
  2. Speaking of offline idle hunger and thirst. What level is the values set to? When set too high, idle hunger and thirst will kill you within minutes instead of hours.
  3. Addressing the respawn in desert issue. The only time a bedroll, or bed can be used is when you’re active in game. When you are offline, the game no longer recognizes that you have these things, same with dead body. If you die and log out, or are kicked from game before retrieving your things. The game treats it as a loot bag and it disappears, same with the dead body. No dead body exists when you’re not active in game.
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Nope, logged out in my home with full health, next to a T4 entertainer, full water, full food and temperature protected. Was gone about an hour. Came back and I was dead and in the desert. No corpse to be found. I’ve logged out several time before in this house and never had an issue.

If the code actually kills you offline but then makes your corpse disappear, it’s horrible game design. Horrible. I could code a fix for that in Unreal in two minutes. TWO.


It was a similar problem that made me give up playing Conan Exiles until I saw concrete and substantial improvements involving the operation of the game (ah, and there is no forecast for that to happen). It seems that Funcom prioritized the money in the transaction and preferred to ignore delivering a “stable” and “dependable” product while requiring the consumer - or rather the victim - to wait indefinitely for a “satisfactory” functioning version since the day of the official launch.

Do you know of an official complaint channel with Sony? I tried posting to a forum called Games and Services to make the problem public, but the site never posted my message.


If any of you find out of something that can help not us, we’re beyond that now, but future Funcom victims, let us all know.


This is an actual issue, though my experience with it involves the game crashing.

In my case I had my body vanishe right in front of my clan mate as I DC’ed. Didn’t go unconscious or any of that stuff that SHOULD happen. Just gone. Upon logging back in, no body to run back to (remember? It vanished.) No death marker, and spawned I the desert.


Yes if anyone has links to channels that we can legitimately complain to please post them or message them to me. I for one will be doing so. I have been “ripped off” with this game. I do not work for Funcom therefore I should not be one of Funcom’s game testers. They released a game that they said was completed and that in reality should still be in early access. This is false advertisement and theft at the least.


PS4 version is unplayable, simple as. It wont be long until somebody gets their solicitor / lawer involved for this clear breach of consumer law. I have been ripped off with this game and the devs are on holiday, hope they have a nice time. Never giving this bunch another penny. Dreadful just dreadful.


Oh you think that’s bad man, try logging in the next day and your entire base has just vanished like a fart in the wind. Not because of purge or because players destroyed it but just poof gone. Bye bye everything you ever had, just a collection of thralls hanging in mid air where your walls used to be.

And these the mutts at Funcom won’t do anything for you except tell you how sorry they are. Sorry, but this has been an issue for months upon months now, long before the game was even launched on PS4.

But they’re sorry. Not sorry enough to fix it, but sorry.

Sorry… Like I tell my kids, you can say you’re sorry all day, but until you actually do something to correct what you’re sorry for, you’re just lying to people. Sad part is my kids actually get that, understand it and use it as they move forward. Especially my 5 year old. My 5 year old has more cognitive ability than these grown ■■■ useless retards at Funcom. Sad.

They’re sorry alright, the sorriest bunch of useless fuсks I’ve ever seen. God I hate that I spent money on this game.