Log In to Dead Player Character - Shelter Bug?

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I want to bring this to your attention and to see if anyone else is experiencing this. This has been happening to several players in official PVE NA #3510

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Log out in shelter (100%)
  2. skip a day
  3. Log in to dead character (sometimes spawn at desert instead of bound point

Could be alot of different reasons. What does your event log show. I would log off with all armor and valuables locked up safe so if you end up in desert you can pull bracelet. Check for temperature sources heat from stove furnace cold from blue torches or wrong armor for area.

Hello, thanks for the response.

My log states in white text:

Seikopathik (Far From Home) was killed.

Nothing else is mentioned.

Area I log off is a closed structure (on the bed) for full shelter. With full Yamatai heavy gear I lean into cold. Without wearing anything, I am leaning into hot. There are no heat or cold sources that could affect me where I log from.

As for your suggestion, I have been placing my gear away but did not consider removing bracelet. Thank you for the tip.

Update: I am also realizing that the soothing status no longer appears when your temperature range is within the mid-range now.

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My wife has recently started to close her self in a walled off room. She find herself outside the house occasionally sometimes looted but alive pve c server

This is a problem on PC too. We reported it as a bug.

It randomly happens to different clan members. We tested being in the same room, different bases, different biomes, armour on or off etc. Still the random waking up dead continues. We all log off nude with empty inventory, not worth the risk.

Many other players on our server complain of this happening to them too.


Hello again, could you link that for me please? I’m interested to see what people are saying.

What has been Funcom’s response? Have they responded to this issue?


I come across it will send it to you or try never sent a link on forum. Hey @Croms_Faithful could you help us out.



Thought I’d started that thread as a bug report, but I’d just added my 2 cents to it. There were lots of bugs getting reported at that time - I was busy posting…

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Ah I see, this lines up around the same time this bug started affecting us on PS4. Isn’t this the same time the update released?

It started happening after the update with the thrall commands. I think that may be the one you are referring to.

It had happened a few times before this patch but nothing like the regular occurrences happening now.

It is a bug that it is coming and going on official pve servers, the last couple days i wake up dead too. Nothing is killing you, you just take fall damage and die. So make sure you always sleep in a bed. Always empty your inventory and your wheel of choice. It will happen only once every day. The server has to restart so you will experience the same thing. I don’t think it is a funcom false however, it has to do with the G portal. Still it is funcom that gave us the right to have a forum and speak about our problems. It will go, believe me, it stays some days and then it is disappearing. Do the things I advice you and your problem will be no more. Welcome to the comunity my friend, feel free to ask anything and share your opinions about this wonderful game.

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Hi @Seikopathik, welcome to the community!

We’re aware of this issue and it’s being looked into by the team, although we’d appreciate it if you could share a screenshot of the exact area and position you logged out on when this happened.

Here is a screenshot of the area I log from.

I believe the grid is K-7 on Messenger’s Respite.

I can honestly say that I have not encountered this before on my Offline Singleplayer game. Sorry peoples. Perhaps, the thirst and hunger values are still going down post log-off? Pure and utter speculation though.

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I put this off to rushing the base before assets are loaded, and getting inside. Had this happen a few times on Ps4. I was walking, started climbing invisible objects only find the game loads someones home around me. XD

Beside that, The games load order can be weird… The game loads your home, place you in it… your taking heat damage from outside or fireplace, before it finishes loading other elements of game.

And your dead…

On Officals, I suggest the blocked room, with chest up in air on shelf. (hard for someone who snuck in)
This way if some BS does happen, or just sneaky player… You died naked, and loss nothing but abit of time.

Its worked for alot of users.
My room is basiclly, inside another room with some chest around it, Theres other things to keep them busy. They may not notice the wedge piece above doorway, were my chest is. And Pushed in camera angles helps hide it nicely.

I tend keep abunch of basic junk on me to. So if they do loot me, they get basic gear and weapons I had on… less reason to look around if they walk away with flawless spear and gear and some food.

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I’ve played from that spot. Often, it is slightly cold due to proximity of the north biome. I never had a problem there with logging in and finding myself dead. It’s an area with lots of traffic, so we can’t rule out that except in the log where it does/doesn’t say who or what killed you.

Thank you, could you also provide a screenshot of the exact place within your base where you’ve logged off, with your character standing on it?

Here are additional screenshots. It is basically a tower 10 units high (not counting roof) and I log out on the 5th floor on the bed.


I can’t remember how order of base is loaded… I stop logging out high up in my base since I would find myself half in floor or below my foundations. XD

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Hello there,

I have not encountered this issue on Offline Singleplayer either. I believe this issue only effects the online games.

I believe there is a more pronounced shelter bug in effect. I noted when I am afk, even with full shelter I take food/water loss. So it’s a good guess this is what is causing the deaths as well.

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