Logging in to naked character..again

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This has happened again and again.
Logging out and next day logging in to naked character whose shiny new equipment has decayed.

  1. Character is located in North, so the environment is cold.
    My character was wearing cold weather gear head to toe.
    Water and food bubbles were full.
    The shelter icon was showing as 100% sheltered ( the house icon)

Temperature was registering as cold/very cold at most. So no constant loss of health.

This just isn’t right or a good game mechanic. It’s just really really annoying.

Sorry to hear that, it sux.
What did log say? Where you close to a fireplace?

Not sure about every day. But regardless where my buddies log off at in my clan their bodies appear to disappear with everything on them if they are offline for more then a couple days. Event log shows nothing. So now I’ve just gotten in the habit of going and stripping their body if they don’t log on for a day or more.

An old bug used to happen where when you log off, you lose your armors “cold debuff” and you actually begin to take damage after logging, resulting in your death. Easy fix, strip naked and log off with nothing in your inventory.

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Yes, ty, that appears to be solution.

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