4th day in a row; log in to naked and stripped toon

4th day in a row, log in to a naked toon (as if killed) when I logged off, inside base and no purge happened. All inventory I was carrying is gone (including a thrall i was moving). 4th day I have spent hours remaking armor, weapons, tools I need to play with…to have it missing 4 DAYS IN A ROW makes me sad, very disappointing. Is this a bug for my server? (1502 America) Or my character (do i need to reroll) or is it a known issue that is being address.

Makes me not want to play at all. and i friggin LOVED this game until now.

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Do you have Windows? Or a clan mate?
Remember, your body is not removed from game when you log out. So it’s possible you are being killed while logged out.

Remaining in the game is a server option. I refuse to play on a server where that is the case. I advise you to find a server where you do not. Being looted in my sleep makes no sense to me.

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Simple fix is to put a large chest next to you bed and put all your gear there before you log off. Most likely you are dying due to temperature issue. Logging off in an ice area with silent legion on or being in the volcano without the right heat armor. Your passive health regeneration from the vitality perk does not function when you are offline.


I learned this the hard way.

Thanks for the info. I have learned new recipes :slight_smile:

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