Logged in after 3 days and found my character without items at all


No problem, you are not disrespectful in any way.

I would like to clear that I was redirected here from a steam support link where I was looking a way to file a report.
Later on understood that actually here most, if not all, the replies came from players that want to help out.
I am very grateful to all of you (players) for your help and suggestions.

Let me place below a couple of indicative posts here on the forum describing similar issues with mine:

The only comment or part of a comment that offended me was the one with the quote about fooling someone once or twice, I think you will agree that it was not appropriate and also keep in mind that at that point I was under the impression that I was talking with Funcom employees.

Besides that, I think that bugs cannot only occur game-wide affecting a vast number of players and these type of bugs should not be the only ones to be taken care off.

You are right about the armor but I was very careful as to not log off near any sort of heat source (furnace, firebowl, fireplace etc.). The place where the base is located is way up north, half on the forest and half on the snow. As for the event log it clearly states that all items decayed in lootbag but there is no entry regarding any death and the way it occurred. Both times it happened I appeared in a bed on a different base (where I had the bed spawn point). When the incidents occured the only spawn point I had was this bed, I had no bedroll anywhere else.

If there is a proper channel in order to directly communicate with Funcom support please provide this information if you would like.

Again, no offense taken and thank you and everyone else for you efforts to help me out. :slight_smile: