Overheating in my base

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Server 3566 Official

I am overheating and dying in my base this has never happened to me I’m almost naked and overheating. I am on D9 aquaduct, the temp bar is usually in the middle. I cant spend more then couple minutes in my base now before I have to go outside, I died offline last night from overheating inside my base. My light source around my base I use radium torches, and its black ice mixed in with Aquilonian structures. Anyone having similar issues.

UPDATE: may have found the issue my fireplace but that’s like 20 stories above me see waaaaay above me inside the black ice house, and I die waaaaay down below lol inside the aquilonian base. I have turned ot off to see and back on to see and off I dont overheat and on I do.

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I’m pretty sure it’s your fireplace. For some reason it will heat everything on a vertical axis, even if it is 20 stories below.

Also, do you have a lot of furnaces? I get heat stroke from my furnaces if I have all four of them on.

If you have a named armorer, make some epic flawless gear with heat protection, or silent legion. Each piece should have 2 bars of heat protection, so it should keep you alive in your base.


Lol this, I turn all 5 furnaces on and my house is off limits :joy: had to build a shack on the side so I could log off and not die.

Hello @Prisoner-01, thank you for reaching out!

Has Arsenalcontrol has mentioned, the temperature effect extends vertically which should be the cause of the overheating. We’ll be sure to register your feedback for the developers’ consideration.

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At one time back in the day, my clan had a chest of Silent Legion Suits in the first room. HazMat suits lol.

Ya I just ditched the fireplace it was just for looks I can live without it. I am using only 2 kilns and they aren’t going at the same time.

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Or change the black ice building pieces. That’s cold weather living. I can stand naked in my black ice building in the crevice and be fine. That stuff is hot. Adding a fireplace is obviously the tipping point but why the hot building mats?

Cheaper than Hardened Brick when building big.

It’s easier for me to build the DLC stuff. His Aquilonian would be a no brained but maybe it’s all about the look. I’m guessing he’s going to Hugh Hefner around that joint in his robe.

People have done the math, black ice, even 15 per is way easier to mfg than 15 hardened brick. Steel is the only thing equal.

HB = 150 ston per, 15 consolidant per, cook it twice, stone>brick>Hardened Brick
20 Wood (t4 Carpenter)>4 Shaped wood

Black Ice = 15 Black ice. No cooking
4 Dry wood+4 resin per (T4 Carpenter).>4 insulated Wood or
8 Bark+4 wood> 4 Dry wood + 4 Resin (with 4 dry wood scrap)> 4 Insulated

big difference in farming effort if yo get the bark, wood and resin from mounds (resin can cure with the dry scraps from dryer for bumping the insulated output).

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I hit level sixty fastest building pieces went up I’m in the process of switching solo players takes a minute to get resources but either way fireplace shouldn’t work that way but I like the look of black so then they need to bring out paint for buildings because I cant really build what i want the black ice is fine a fireplace shouldn’t ruin the look for me.

Isn’t it Glowing Stick and Witchfire Torches that give off cooling? I have a pal who had a black ice base there and it was cool as a cucumber in his work room. Also, he had about a dozen fridges with ice in them. I think they cool you as well.

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