Volcanic Fireplace and Furnace

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: [Here]

Oh my my house is now hotter then a volcano!
We’re befor I had fireplace in place to look nice and everything was good.
Today I log in and instantly killed by my fireplace as it is now hotter then the volcano!
So now we’re I had a nice looking place with a fireplace as only sauce of light cause it looked nice I now have a pitch black room scared that my fireplace might kill me again!

Update Furnaces now also run way to hot we can no longer have a single furnace running without being killed by the heat!

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Leave fire place on
  2. Log in after update
  3. Burn to death at the volcanic fireplace
  4. Cry in pitch black house with no light

Is it really super hot? or a case of logging in, your character is loaded long before you have control, and died to it normally?

(which is why I used glowing torches up there, and never a fireplace) XD
Logged in once to find myself dieing…and was like OH… this games load order is so weird. XD


No I tested turned it back on nearly killed me again. So just been going around all clan bases turning them off as it appears to be all fireplaces.
I fact it seems to be nearly all forms of fire but the worst being the fireplace.

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I also have noticed this. I had to move the fireplaces out of my great hall because having 2 fireplaces would give me heat stroke. I live right on the boarder of the frozen north. I have a fireplace in my house in real life but my family doesn’t die when I use it.

Where is your base and what material is is built in?

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My base is by the ‘crevice’ between new asgarth and the mounds. Most of it is made of arena pieces (temperature neutral) with the area with the fireplaces also has frontier (heat resistant) with stable (temperature neutral?) and black ice on the outside (cold resistant).

Where my base is has snow on the ground just by it.

I had to carve out an extra foundation away for the fireplaces so they aren’t in line with the rest of the structure. The infinitely tall temperature zones these things make is insane.