Fireplace / Temperature Bug

Game mode: Online private (no mods)
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: EU

Fireplaces cause heatstroke when you stand far away from them (vertically)



Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Place 6 - 10 Fireplaces somewhere on the map e.g. on top of a bridge
  2. stand underneath the bridge
  3. instant heatstroke even though you were no-where near them
  4. could be causing high load on the server as a result?

Hey @JayCee

Poking our team about this. Thanks for your feedback.

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The images above a a replication of a situation in my server. When i go to the area which has heatstroke i get 25 client FPS on a 1080 Ti. No where else on the map causes me to go under 50 FPS irrespective of the size of the base. (typically i get 70 - 120) So god knows what all these fires are doing to the server having to do all those calculation in the engine.

update : Since removing the fire/furnaces i notice a 25% client FPS boost - not sure the impact on server performance. What i’d like to know is this intended to have a huge vertical column ~20 foundations high of heat stroke for something placed above ?

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My guess is no. this might be why i am getting major lag, as people like to use the possible blue screen defense on some bases. And anything they can find that causes frame rate drop helps i am sure.

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Has always been like this. Joel answered in a devstream, that it’s unrealistic but unlikely that it gets changed.

You can put fires in multiple floors over one another for climbing protection for your base for example.

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My clan mate died of heatstroke in the frozen north while sleeping next to a fireplace and naturally lost everything. We have a strange habit of logging out on our beds. This bed is, and has always been, next to the same fireplace. While in the frozen north we both wear legendary kitan imperial heavy armor which provides 2 cold protection dashes. (However you describe it).

There has most definitely been a change to something that caused this. My guess is the heat emitted from fireplaces has increased. Both my clan mate and i’ve logged out in that same bed while wearing the high end kitan heavy armor several dozen times and woke up fine. This time not so much.

Now we’re aware and will take steps to prevent in the future but have this feeling we got boned because we lost a whole heap of high end gear. Two steps forward, two steps back, again.

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