Furnaces, Fireplaces and anything with flames

I’m curious does the fire heat effect go in all directions or just up?

Made the mistake of putting up 4 Fireplaces in a house i built near New Asgarth.

Short story, don’t make fireplaces next to each other and then log out, you will die from heatstroke.

But it would be ideal if you want to build in the Frozen north without freezing to death.

Both go through floor tiles as well so if you have a second floor with a bed for example, and a furnace or fireplace below don’t log out there.


my base is in the north, and i logged out next to fireplace, and after server reset i was dead

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It would be nice if fireplaces and scones remembered if they were left lit or unlit across server reboots. There are many times where I want to add a fireplace because it fits the theme of a room, but I dare not because it will relight at server reboot and cause heatstroke.

My hope is that when the devs are able to fix doors forgetting their autoclose setting, that they’ll also expand that functionality to fireplaces and sconces too.

EDIT: Why is this thread tagged as “spoilers”? That seems counter-productive at best. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Also, this is an issue relevant to all platforms, so the PC tag is incorrect too.

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I play on PC , don’t know if its the same on PS4 or Xbox.
Code is usually a bit different when you port from console to pc so it might be different on consoles.
Spoilers just in case someone wanted to find out for themselves
guide is more for the information about furnaces.

Last year you didn’t get heatstroke from furnaces or fireplaces so it’s a newer addition.

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i am pretty sure that the effect is a bubble but can’t provide a source so pls don’t quote me :smiley:

recent patch changed temperature effects and I believe it may have caused some unintended side effects. Kilns/ Furnaces are DEADLY, even more now IMO.

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“Guide” makes sense and I didn’t question that in the first place.

If you’re not sure if something is specific to a given platform, it seems illogical to tag it in a way that communicates to others that it is platform specific.

Spoilers are more for plot and surprises. This is unexpected gameplay (possibly unintended) that could quite literally ruin someone’s gameplay experience. It seems a bit sadistic, to me, to want to keep something like that a secret. IMO, this should be heads-up information, not a secret so we can laugh at newbies losing all their gear. :frowning:

Patch or few back did same, and then was fixed i think, seems to have come back.

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Lol heatstroke death good to know

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