Is the Kiln hotter?

So my clan has moved post patch due to the current and coming changes making our old base less defendable. The new base is smaller, so we took the 9 kilns that we had in the old place and stacked them on top of each other, in the new place, adding 1 more to go from 9 to 10 total, so that they are basically 2 kilns with 2 on a ceiling above, then a foundation, then 3 with 3 above. We’ve also moved to a more desert area, whereas we previously lived in the Far East jungle.

Our first big resource runs were last night, and we had about 8 of them cranking out brick/iron, and the temp shot up to severe heatstroke in parts of our base around the kilns, to the point where we had to start cranking out hoop torches to spam on the wall and get it down so it wouldn’t kill anyone offline that had a room below them.

I realize that the setup we have now is more compact and all, but in our old base we never even felt a warming effect from the 9 on them in the single room where they were kept.

Is it just the changes we have made or have the temp effects increased from the kilns? Anyone else notice this?

I believe I’ve heard that before, just never experienced it in my jungle base, as they were more spread out and not above or below any other rooms except a corner of our storage room, and possibly due to the local temperature as well.

Just another adjustment of moving to a smaller place due to the mounts patch I guess.

Klins/Furnaces/fireplaces or the blue lights (glowing light, where you need the glowing Goop) are often used in PvP as “extra border”.

So yes, you get hotter or colder. And if you use enough, you get a heatstroke or frostbite.

I play PvP, and knew about the fireplaces/campfires and blue lights, but I had taken a break from the game at the time the kilns were introduced, and even though I had about the same number of them in my old base (added 1 in the new base to make it symmetrical) even with all 9 of them running at the same time there never seemed to be a heat increase in the room or around it.

I thought it might be due to us stacking them in the new place, but since we went from an unnoticeable temp change to heatstroke I just thought I’d ask if anyone else noticed an increase in temp.

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