Fireplace and warmth

Were the damage from fireplace reduced? I was with a yamatai armor and next to a fireplace. Highest temperature i had was very hot. Thanks in advance


So now you cant get extremely hot or heatstroke with furnaces while wearing armor

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True, very true, still I got the odd feeling that op has a point. Not 3 days ago I changed my pve base on 8080 to nemedian style. The nemedian fireplace was really cool, so I fixed 2 to place them on my bedroom. By great surprise, I was not overheated at all. You do remember 2 fireplaces in a warm area, inside a bedroom, what was the heating outcome. Maybe the heat is actually a bit lower than it was, but I can’t say for sure, yet I remember fireplaces in hot areas were “forbidden”.

This is correct, plus the second vitality perk helps a lot, always did actually, but now a bit more.
Armors now have both heat and cold resistant, which is actually more logical. I can’t believe that having no clothes at all in frozen areas is better, but this change to be honest, it is maybe convenient but I believe it took some pve hours of gaming from pve lovers.
You know when we started the game killing the abysmal boss was vital. Without dlcs the reptilian armor was your first cold resistance armor in the game. Very new on the game, walking with fear, it took me sometime to learn the hyena fur armor too.
Omg, how I miss these days.

Thanks guys, so now i have to think on a different protection for my base.:sob::sob::sob:

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I don’t think heat traps were ever an intended or desired mechanic anyway.


Yes, thats why im not upset or something as it was a bit too much heat and nonsense

Do not invest in exploits. These uses are ban reasons now. Stacking items that’s changing temperature creates low server performance. Someone will report you and you will be banned. Avoid it, it doesn’t worth it. Try to fix something that will tire the bombers, give them baits so they think they raided you, eventually everyone is raided, no reason to loose everything, build smart was always better than build with exploits.


Didnt know you could get banned for that. Good to know, thanks. I used to use it aa i play other games and cant be on conan alot


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