Blood Letter armor was heat armor and is now cold armor. Logged in and lost all inventory because of temperature. Basically I died in my sleep

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Hello @Nitti, this was an unintended change and should be addressed in an upcoming hotfix, apologies for the situation.


I appreciate the feedback. I’ll stay posted for updates thanks

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Are they going to replace all the lost gear and mats this caused us to lose?

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Dont think so.

Hope there is coming a hotfix soon. I really miss this gear. :’(
Was searching for an acceptable alternative, but i haven’t found anything.

I mean, to be fair to Funcom, they have an admin panel in game that you could potentially use to replace those lost items. maybe try to talk to the host of your server if it’s not your own and see if they could help you out. I personally don’t foresee any admin telling someone no when it wasn’t your fault. and maybe they won’t give you the admin password, but you could just ask them to spawn it for you and drop it next to you. But, if you don’t have a reasonable server owner, then I feel for your loss.
I’m personally just happy to see that it was an accidental change and that they’ll be fixing it. because i’ll be able to go back to using my two favorite armor sets, Assassin and Zamorian Thief.
EDIT: I tried using my Assassin armor in both extreme heat AND extreme cold, and got both, so not only did it accidentally change, it seems that it completely lost temperature resistance in general. Unless that’s just something on my server.

Yeah lost alot as well

oof, that’s rough. I know the feeling of lost things though, not on Conan, but on Monster Hunter World, which was also a lot of grinding to get back to where I was. Over 300 hours was down the drain. Good luck on the farming though.

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Well damn, just lost another tonight, like 3 hours ago. Shows up on thrall pot, but nowhere to be found. Funco needs an admin on standby to help with this

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