Blood and Sand armors are now Blood and Snow

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PVE-C Server

I hope/think its a bug.
Blood and Sand DLC armors changed from heat resistance to cold resistance after the patch.



+1 for the title alone

epic one!

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Yea me too! I’m on 1009 EU PVE official server, and my Bear Shaman armor (witch was perfect becasue there is no medium armor with heat protection - and strength bunus) Please Funcom Answer, or at least balance the temperature system :slight_smile: i noticed also an Hyperborean armor on my thrall changed from heat to cold protection!!!)

Bear shaman is light armour and only head, chest and gloves is strenght… ofc their stats resemnle closer to a medium…xd…

Noticed this too. Had 2 sets of armor, 1 for hot 1 for cold. Now I have 2 sets of cold armor.

Funcom, any reason for this change or is this a bug?
(Or is there a reason for this that you don’t want to admit to, so you’ll just stay silent?)

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They’ve posted twice already.

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I was just speaking with a valued friend on our server and he said he was dismayed by the change to the Blood and Sand armor. As it turns out, he’s not one to complain, but I interviewed him in my customary bull in china shop fashion and he told me he’d died of heat prostration and lost his things. I also deduced that one of them was the Final Breath of the Red Mother torch.

These are fairly significant losses on an official server, for a guy who’s really faithful to the game. Is there any chance we might receive magic meteorites over the next few weeks to help me fix this? I personally possess no torches, as I am visually impaired and pretty much play by sense of smell anyhow. :wink:

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