Hot / Very Hot / Extremely Hot / Heat Stroke / Dying to Weather Effects inside your House / Home / Fort / Base

Ok So I have a House built, it is sealed off. Foundation, Walls, Ceiling. What gives? Is this a bug?

I’m still dying to Hot / Very Hot / Extremely Hot / Heat Stroke / Weather Effects inside the building I built

Furnaces and firebowl cauldrons give off heat, are you close to these when you are dying?

nah, haven’t’ built those yet, just finished the base structure, foundation, walls, door, ceiling, etc. nothing in it yet

I’m literally taking sand storm damage inside my house…

How big is your house? What is it built of? And what does it look like? All of this will factor into the temperature system and damage from a sandstorm.

Well haven’t been playing long, it is sandstone. Single Floor, on a foundation, probably bigger than I need to be honest, was having too much fun building it I guess. But it is probably 15 x 20 ish I think. It is tucked between two cliffs / in a mountain pass so it is a awkward shape I guess, it is really small in certain places and wider in others.

How high is your ceiling? If more than 3 wall pieces high, the game might not detect full enclosure. I noticed this pre update 33.

only two wall pieces high

I would like to know what genus thought furnaces should produce heat when off. So after loading my base with enough furnaces to produce large quantities of iron, I die because all the furnaces are off and empty. Its like they didn’t even try to make this game right.