Roof Leak, rain in my house help!


Apparently you can not build a house with out having a leak in the ceiling :cry:

This is a little annoying and it almost feels like the structures are not connecting correct to each other? or maybe the Shelter mechanic is not working as intended.

The same issue happens with the sandstorm and in caves :open_mouth:

I know this is not an issue that has high priority but it would be nice to have fixed.

What do you guys think?


Now that i think about it this might need to be under bugs…

Yeah, I noticed this too. I don’t like this either. What is the point of even building a shelter when it can’t even protect you from the elements? How is it supposed to protect you from Frost Giants when it surrenders to rain, wind, and sand? It’s stupid.

I hope the big bad wolf doesn’t come knockin’ or I’m in big trouble. One big puff and I’m done for!

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Hey devs, can we get a recipe for a can of Flex Seal or something?

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