Lightening Storm and the rain

Not really a New Topic because its been mentioned before but the thread was closed. Anyway I think it is about time the developers sorted out the rain INSIDE buildings.
If you have a good roof ect why should there be rain inside.
Everything is wet. Who wants to sleep on a wet bed or bedroll or walk on sodden capets.
For goodness sake if its deliverate then some one should re-think it over seriously. Might be a fantasy game but houses shelter, you would be as well not building anything, the result is the same. WET.

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Agreed. It’s very off-putting, especially considering that in certain areas it rains A LOT.

I remember the soggy inside buildings. I also noticed EA that the rain can also fall past the waterline, in patches

Sandstorm has the same issue. You can chill at home enjoin 100% shelter buff, but as soon as sandstorm kicks in - you clothes will start trembling and waving around as if you had no walls and ceiling at all. Not to mention you get distinct sepia filter.

This bug was fixed on EA before the full and complete game release™. And I dont’n know if it will be fixed with the 500 bug fixing awesome patch™ whatever the release date will be.

And you must be happy, most players never have seen a drop of water on last two months.

Yup agree about the sandstorm as well. Its the same problem just doesn’t seem quite so bad except for the effect of the wind blowing through the house. With the rain everything looks wet and sodden. I had rugs and when I walked over them it sounded like my boots were squelching over them. They looked sodden and horrible. I have now changed them to hide rugs which don’t look so wet.
Pity they did not put the fix in the full and complete game release. I wouldn’t be grumbling about it if it had. :slight_smile:

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