Raining inside House

Greetings, I built an house on north fortest near lake and it always rains there, which I love it.
Just one problem: It rains inside my house no matter which roof I use.
I tried everything, still raining inside. Is there a way to fix it or is known bug?


You have RAIN, most of the single player servers are without weather, and they fixed that raining inside your base way before release. It sounds like you have a older build that hasn’t been updated for awhile.

I envy you the rain, but if you have an old build you are missing a lot. What is your version number?

The current live sever version is 97865 / 17844. Your version shows up on the lower right of the menu screen where you choose either Single Player / Co-op or Play Online.

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It’s not really raining, I don’t see the raindrops but it’s everything wet as if it’s outside.
I have 97865 / 17844 so it’s updated.

That’s awesome though. Why worry about it.

It sucks because everything inside the house is wet.
We carpets, wet bed, wet everything… Like it’s outside the building and not inside.
I mean, cmon, if I build an house is because I don’t want it to rain inside.


Noticed this too, its especially bad when you start putting lighting up because the brightness and contrast go insane with all the shiny surfaces, our base looks awesome when it’s not raining.

Hope this doesn’t become one of those low priority/never gets fixed bugs.

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Come to think of it I remember the shining wet inside surfaces even when the rain was fixed and NOT coming into the base. Is it rainig outside or you siad that you don’t actually see the rain. Do you hear it at all, lightning and such?

While it’s raining outside and everything is wet outside, it’s also wet inside the house.

So you ARE experiencing rain outside? WOW I do envy you. What server are you running? Single Player or actual server?

Official server. I’m up north nearby snow. With mountains, forest, lake and rain.
I think weather is different between locations.

Yes it is supposed to be. See that is what bothers me playing single player on my own server. WE DON’T GET WEATHER right now. It is major broken in PC Single Player Server and I worry that the devs will NOT do anything about it because it is PC SP and this game is all about the servers. Official or otherwise, I really hope that is NOT the case and the devs are working on a fix for us single player people.

At least it’s not really raining inside now.

That’s something they’re gonna have to figure out as part of the exclusion zone that stopped the rain from coming through the roof.
It has to be tagged onto the exclusion zone and I have a feeling it’s not going to be so easy.

It was fixed before release, however the “wet” look was present even then but it was not raining inside my base. Patch #32 was the start of FunCom changing the way the weather worked and they did additional changes to patch #33 for weather. Since then all Single Player servers have NOT had weather or any kind.

This is the issue: No raindrops but still as wet as the outside.


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I know. I know. I’m not disagreeing with you. I have it too.
It’s a tweak in the code they’re gonna have to work to correct that.

But you’ll also notice that it’s not just wet inside. If you look at your character’s shoulder … you’ll see what looks like rain drops hitting you. (or any surface inside the structure for that matter). All it has done is kill the rain particle fx.

The exclusion zone is messed up by not excluding all the environmental fx associated with the rain.
They have to tag the exclusion zone with those additional fx.

For example, if you build on stilts on the ground, the ground underneath the structure should also be dry.
Unless you’re built on a hill side which would allow the fx to simulate going downhill underneath the structure.

The exclusion zone should take on a rough resemblance to the outside shape of the structure sort of like a box. (but invisible).
Everything inside that exclusion zone is “protected”.
It’s killing the rain by a particle kill command, but it’s not including the fx.

Ah I understand what Vahlok is saying. Yes before they went live I had the exact same issue. I could ignore it but yes, my characters shoulders would show signs of rain drops inside the base. Real weird but I could live with that, I CAN’T live without my weather not working.

Totally with you on this, understand the exclusion zone precisely as you describe it. VERY GOOD, now if it can be fixed…???

I work with/in the UE4 engine…my 2 coppers

I think the Material Shader (the one used made in UE4) has this ‘Smart Feature’ to know when it is Raining/Wet and does the Drops and Wetness effect on its own based upon what weather is happening at the moment. You can also see this if you make your skin ‘Oily/Wet/Sweaty’ (a couple mods do this) depending upon some various scenarios the skin dries then after awhile or going swimming the skin becomes ‘Oily/Wet/Sweaty’ again.

There are two methods to do a wetness effect like these…

  • Material Shader that has the parameters and features integrated into it. The code driving these parameters needs to be fixed to be smarter so the Material Shader will react properly (if their Master Materials are not all tied together from the same source…meaning they made 1 Universal Material that morphs into many). This is a very efficient way to do things in UE4 since the material is processed every frame (FPS) anyhow. It appears CE uses this method. This will be a tough one to fix unless Funcom puts some serious effort into figuring out the proper sequence and AI for the Material Shader. Not certain if they are up to the task. Not being rude…just AI (in any form) does not seem to be their thing.

  • FX Shell. In this method a special mesh is enabled that has a particular Effect (FX) Material attached to it. There can be a large number of FX shells in a scriptable array and is a simple matter to turn these on and destroy them once the FX is no longer needed. The coding driving these still needs some smarts (AI) to drive them BUT this type of system is super easy to manage. It does add some mesh overhead so the number of FX shells need to be limited…usually 3 is plenty to blend simultaneous FX. In something like CE having this many added meshes during normal operations may kill a populated server…single player would probably be fine though. Doing this method takes upfront 3D modelling to make the shells just a smidge larger than the actual model it will shell. Designs that use this method have excellent FX shaders that really show off excellent visual fidelity.

Hopefully Funcom gets a handle on this and resolves their master materials with the proper Material AI.

At least you actually HAVE rain, some of us, a lot of us on PC SP PVP have not had weather since patch 32 or 33. I do so miss the rain and hope that the devs will fix this for us soon, however I feat the Single Player / Co-Op is not too important to them and they just might NEVER fix this!!!

Enjoy even if it is raining inside. They had if fixed once although you still had a “wet” effect inside your base and you could clearly see rain drops hitting your character’s shoulders, but the actual rain effect was not inside. For awhile…and then the revamped the weather system in patch 32 / 33 and VOILA no more weather for me.

In xbox official server rains still goes inside, does it depends on the tier?

No, in PC it was an OLD bug that they finally fixed, however you still had the wet effect while inside. It is a matter of creating an invisible “bubble” that protects the base from the visual / special effects. This bubble was NOT working for the longest time, then they finally fixed it about two months before launch. THEN the upgraded the weather system and BROKE my weather all to heck. No rain, no snow…constant endless sunbathing days with no rain / snow to speak of. I wonder if the meteorite showes still work in PC, for star metal.