Any ETA on the wet inside bases situation?

Game mode: [Online private | Single-player]
Type of issue: [Bug ]
Server type: [PvE]
Region: [SA]

Hi, i know that it’s a know bug, but, there is any eta to fix the wet inside bases situation? For me (and many many others) is such a experience breaker, i complete lost the Immersion and thats the reason why i hate build up north and in the jungle iven so i want to build over there

Please, can you guys can just put a little atention on this? please? =/
ps.: Sorry for the english

1.Normal game
2.No mods


It was said that it’s a engine issue that can’t be easily fixed (same with light shining through walls). So I guess this issue has very low priority right now.

I’ve heard their response on this issue, and I think the developers are looking at this the wrong way and overthinking it. Yes, fixing the rain behavior to be correct and realistic is complex (where you could see it raining outside while you’re warm and dry inside), but I think most of us would be happy with a much simpler solution.

What I want is for the game to stop the rain effect when there’s a roof over our heads, and resume raining when we step outside. Other games have done this as a simple solution to the complexity of rain realism, and yes, I’d love the perfect realistic rain instead, but this solution would be much less immersion breaking than rain coming through stonework ceilings.

And nobody is going to convince me turning the visibility of the rain effect off entirely when we’re under a roof or in shelter is beyond the capabilities of the engine. Other games using UE4 have achieved this.


I’m with you on this one. I’ve been convinced for a while that there has to be a way to turn the wetness shader to 0 under circumstances measured by the existing shelter system.

I know that in the description for the mod StraysStayDry, the modder says it’s a crude fix that just turns the wetness shader to zero across the board (so nothing ever gets that wet look, indoors or outdoors) - so turning the wetness shader to zero is something that can be done. Logically, it should be possible to set up (whatever UE’s equivalent) a sort of ‘If Shelter is greater than 50% then set wetness shader to zero’ - problem is I know nothing about UE, so have no sense of whether that’s actually as possible as it seems it should be.

Eventually, if no other solution appears, I do plan on trying to download the dev kit and see if I can find a way to make it work - but given that I have no idea what I’m doing and will have to teach myself the entire system from the ground up there’s no guarantees of how long that could take, or if I’ll ever manage it (so if someone that does know what they’re doing feels like running with that idea (or some other solution), it’d stand a much better chance of working :wink: )

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This issue has been brought up for many years and it was even the number one requested fix when they were polling what players wanted to see addressed in the game. The response was basically, it could be fixed, but it would require way too much time and effort to do so.

Put simply: sorry, we’ll have to live with it.

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Hey, thanks for replying to the first post and ignoring the rest of the discussion. We know this has been brought up many times, but apparently a lot of people have their ears closed. Just because the developer’s ideal fix is too expensive doesn’t mean reasonable, simple alternatives shouldn’t be considered.

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Welcome. Glad to point out what’s been said many, many times before and the responses we’ve gotten from the devs on this very issue. Again.

I’d agree to have 1 more checkbox in my graphics settings: “Disable wet look”. Just the same thing that StraysStayDry did, but in vanilla game.

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Funny there was mod on steam that fixed this issue so guess it is fixable and not expensive as its been done. Seems they just do not want to spend the time on it or it is not important enough.

You didn’t provide any official response from developers on this issue. You just dropped by to authoritatively state, “sorry, we’ll have to live with it.” And the way you worded your statement is unfortunate, because it seems to suggest that the developers have said they will never fix this issue. That is false.

Here’s an official statement:

Also, in just a few minutes of searching, I counted at least 7 threads about indoor rain that had no official reply posted, linked to or quoted anywhere. Instead of complaining about this subject coming up ‘again,’ it would be much more helpful to actually link or quote official replies on this matter to elevate their visibility so that both you and the staff might have to respond to this somewhat less often.

So what?
(I’m not going to recite every instance of the discussion and feedback from forum posts to trello boards to twitch stream comments for the last three years.)

You don’t want to believe me? Fine. I’m not stopping you from continuing the discussion. Go right ahead.

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