Wet inside bases. Highlands and Jungle

Two parts to this really, does anyone know of any mods that fix this issue? Nothing bothers me more then how the lighting inside my base differs when it’s raining. The light reflects off the wet floor and it’s damn near blinding lmao I was really hoping this was gonna be something that would have been patched years ago, while I could move that doesn’t change the fact that I simply love building inside the jungle. Second part of this if it isn’t clear is I’d love to see Funcom do something about this because ever if there’s a mod to fix it that doesn’t help anyone having a similar issue on the consoles. Thank you for your time.

EWAV of mine did for like 3 hours before I pulled this feature due to issues
not a simple thing to do
there are mods that disable wetness globally thou, so always dry even underwater if that is what you prefer,
unless you’re single player, then it’s easy peasy

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I primarily play on a modded server. I’ve tried a mod in the past that disabled the global wetness but it just feels so wrong lmao

my point is, the way it’s coded it’s not likely for any modder to tackle the issue, fully I mean, it has to be Funcom and to quote GLaDOS “ha ha, fat chance”, cause that would mean major overhaul

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Well…They final changed the animations for the wheels of pain so maybe someday in another few years :rofl: Thank you for your time drachenfeles :slightly_smiling_face:

Really wish they could fix this issue with the wet textures inside shelters and if they do add some rain on Siptah as well.

I wonder if a floor has shelter it should be able to ignore wet textures right?

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I my head I thought if it was depending on the shelter to detect where/what should have the wet textures, inside a closed base would at least be mostly dry lol

(joke) But your thralls are hard at work mopping up all the mud being tracked into the base! (/joke)


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