Interior of house is wet during rain

Game mode: Online
Problem: Misc
Region: US

When it rains, all of the interior of the house is wet even though it’s roofed.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Wait for it to rain.
  2. Look at the inside of the house be wet.

this needs to be fixed asap v,v people want to live more north and not have a wet house that looks like someone been playing with water bombs 24,7, this affected isn’t just with rain, also wet inside house with snow aswell. i just want it to rain or snow outside and my character is nice a comfy inside.


Totally agree with the not confy feeling !

I love the north, and like mostly build my main-base there. But it bothered me since the introduction of the weather-system that the whole house looks wett inside while is raining or snowing outside. The sandstorm is bit similar, maybe less disturbing. In a sandstorm the feeling is like outside, just that you’re not harmed and have a virtual shelter.

The problem are not the roofs, they are not leaking, it’s simply that the textures react like outside. You shouldn’t see rain or snow falling, but you can see the “plotches” on the floor, on your skin, and clothes.

I realy enjoy harsher weather, and love be inside while a blizzard is howling around my house. But the wett-look isn’t that great.

Realy hope they will take the time to look at that and figure out how to correct it in nice manner.

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really wish i could post a pic of how bad it is lol

This has been raised month after month ever since the launch of EA.
We can only assume they are unable to stop this effect.
It’s a bad took, but if it was easy to solve, I’m sure they would have already.
Be thankful it doesn’t still rain inside your house!

Easy to do, take a screenshot using the Steam tools. F12 is the default I believe.
After you leave the game, Steam will display a box showing your screenshots for that session. Still in game, go back to Steam then goto View - Screenshots to get the same box up. Upload the pic then share it here.

We all know how bad it looks… made worse at night with torches burning.

you should also found your screenshoots under userdata > 126764111 > remote 440900 > screenshoots , on your pc

if they cant fix it why dont they tell people they cant fix it, kinda stupid that they cant but other games can fix this problem.

I notice this in the EA, it only happens to the T1 buildings.

Thats incorrect mate. I build T2 buildings most of the the time and the interior is always wet during the rain.

wtf! witch tipe of building? with the dry wood or the normal?

I genuinely don’t think it matters WHICH building type you use, I build with both insulated wood and T2 stone brick and it happens to me too. Maybe a witch put a spell on your building :wink:


So which craft it’s working in the game!? :rofl:

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Can’t stand the wet look inside. Thus why I’m still at the desert.

Although I can agree its irritating having a wet floor, there are worse bugs still :slight_smile:

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I’m still building T2 or T3 in the north, never T1, and it’s happening with all tier-styles no matter which one.

When raining a shine is applied to all surface-textures, and all is simply looking wett like it was outside. The only difference inside is that you don’t see the rain/snow failing if the house is well built.

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I agree, it’s absolutely not game-breaking, but a bad look and vibe when you like live in the north especially. :wink:

Funcoms attitude is: We fix bugs on our own terms

Seems to be they just apply the wetness shader to everything when it rains. I’m not sure if this is something they can fix.

Just a question, out of the context, is there ever going to be snowstorm in the game?