It’s raining (and not men) inside my house!

Is rain a new thing? I always thougt the game should have rain but so far, after nearly 300 hours of play, I had never seen rain. That is until today, when I found that rain was everywhere including the interior of my house. Is rain a recent addition to the game or is t just that I had never encountered it before?

Nope not a new thing it was happening in EA also. Sounds like this bug was asleep and woke up again.

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When rain was first introduced, along with the frozen north during Early Access, the rain particles themselves would go through the walls and roofs. After awhile they finally fixed it so that the particles stopped, but the dampness still gets on everything, including the character model.

It sure would be nice if they could finally fix the leak in the roof and make it so that the carpets don’t get wet anymore… It’s starting to smell like mold in here!


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