Rains through roof

It’s getting really annoying: when it rains, everything is wet, indoors and character including.
Would improve game experience a LOT if you could stay dry when under a roof or ceiling.


This has been complained about since the introduction of the Northern Biome, and we are still hoping for a fix… At least the rain drops don’t enter the buildings still, but the ‘wetness’ won’t go away. :roll_eyes:

It sure would be nice to get this fixed, especially as the game has been released, and we’re already seeing teasers for DLC.

They are working on it.

I do believe they are working on this :yum:

They do but i Think its not an easy fix and its just a cosmetic bug and not a prio 1 as Game craches, exploits and thralls falling thrue floors is…

I like the rustic charm of the rain leaking in. Now if I were to build with reinforced or black Ice it would be nice not to have the wet, but the lower level materials I think should leak. That is just me. :slight_smile: