My roof is keeping the rain out of my palace

Not sure what happened but I just noticed my roof is preventing rain from falling into my great room. The floor is still wet but that’s understandable.


Did you pee on it? Why is it understandable that the floor in an enclosed room is wet? If you arnt blaming Funcom for this immersion breaking effect then perhaps you need to take your pets outside more often, or build a bathroom for your thralls? :stuck_out_tongue:


I was thinking wet from foot traffic but you’re right the uniform glistening sheen of my interior is a little annoying. The rain through the roof was the real annoyance for me.

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No, it’s the inverse, it should be dry inside, you covered with a roof, you made a house/home.

I hope your rl room floor isn’t wett when it’s raining outside.
There are numerous post about this. And it’s a issue, and really not nice at my eyes having a still wett home, bed and more.

So the fix would be more “give us cozy homes, enough wett carpets” ! :rofl:


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