Weather bugs and game realism!

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Good afternoon, thanks for the great game!
But you need to make a very important fix. In the house or shelter, the effects of “Frost”, “heat stroke” should stop. A house is a fortress, weather protection. In addition, rain flows through the ceiling!

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. In cold locations, we do not get protection from the cold inside our home.
  2. In the hot locations there is no protection from the weather inside your home.
  3. Solving the problem: make a link to the shelter (sign of the filled house in the interface) removing all weather effects.
  4. And the last problem. Rain falls through the ceiling.

P.S. Thanks for watching ! We are waiting for this correction, we love you and your work!

I disagree on the aspect of all houses negating the temperature effects.
Certain materials and placeables have different temperature regulation properties… eg a fireplace warms the room, a certain type of torch cools it. Some building materials are heat resistant and others are cold resistant…others are more temperature neutral.
I like that the “outside” temperature will affect us inside if we don’t build with it in mind… a little like real life … a house can be an ice-box inside if not insulated properly and heated or it can be an unbearable sauna hotter than outside when poorly ventilated with a lack of cross breeze and protection from the direct sun.

What Funcom does need to fix is players dying offline when they log out in a temperature extreme area when they had enough points in vitality and wearing temperature-resistant gear and weren’t experiencing frostbite or heat stroke before they logged.

And yes the badly constructed roofs that let rain through needs to be fixed …


I apologize, but what objects warm / cool the room specifically? I do not see any signs on them that they somehow affect the temperature inside the house. (like on clothes)

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Fireplaces will warm the area around them. I’ve gone from neutral temperature to hot standing next to one active fire place.
Also furnaces will warm an area … running through a neighbours base of double rows of furnaces would also increase my temperature.
The glowing torches and radium torches apparently cool.

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