Died again in my house during offline time

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE 1006
Region: europe

Again died in my house during offline time

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. in my house
  2. disconnect from the server/game
  3. come back on server
  4. dead without any loot on the floor

It’s pissed me off now it’s the second time i died in my own house. first it was ok because no big deal to redue all my stuff but ,ow i lost my telith sorrow, my epic flawless armor, hardened steel tool… it’s a pain in the ■■■!!! please admin do something

Are you using the proper building material in the proper area?
IE black ice and insulated wood have cold protect which will absolutely kill you if you built in a hot spot.

Other materials like reinforced stone and the dlc mats are heat protect, which can kill you if you use them in a very cold area?

Until this can be sorted out it might be wise to log out with everything in a chest, and nothing on your character.

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this is actually not entirely correct :point_up:

If you use the wrong building materials, your temperature inside will be the same as the outside one. No negative effects, no positive ones either though. If you use the correct materials, your temperature will be adjusted. While the building pieces don’t emit any heat or cold, they can help you deal better with the outside temperature.

As the temperature effects can be a bit difficult to deal with, the safest option is always to log off naked with your stuff safely stored as you suggested.

@yuusuke57 Sorry, mate but there are no admins on officials and your stuff won’t be returned. Just follow the advice and store your inventory/hotbar in a chest before logging off to be on the safe side in case it happens again.

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I’m sorry if my information is outdated, however I myself conducted a similar test in february of 2018 and at that time temperature absolutely mattered.

I took a year and a half break from the game.

because the temperature in the game is not constant and areas get hotter and colder, I still believe building in the wrong area with the wrong material will kill you, just like logging out in the wrong spot without shelter will kill you.

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no worries, i tried a few days ago and my results were the same. feel free to test yourself and let me know in case you notice anything else. would be interested to hear.

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