Glitching Shelter

Is anyone else’s Shelters glitching? I have the following issues on an official PVP server:

  • Game doesn’t recognise I’m in a shelter during sandstorm
  • Placing stairs to build a second storey on base - you can walk up the stairs fine but as soon as you step onto the floor character starts “crouch flying” and stuttering around
  • Initially original build was fine but on second log in you can’t look around the base in third person as the ceiling gets in the way of the camera view

Any fixes? Tempted to rebuild base elsewhere in case its just a hole in the world.

How large is your base? I noticed that if a base is too large, it doesn’t recognize it as 100% shelter. You can move around in the base and watch the shelter meter change.

Aww hope that’s not going to be the case, I was planning a big fort for the long game. Currently it’s only 3 x 3 squares so surely that should be ok? I tried moving around but no safe corners anywhere.

Yeah 3x3 should be fine. I get full shelter in a 7x7x2, but anything much bigger and I lose shelter as I move around inside.

The sandstorm will only damage you in certain areas of the map. There are even regions of the desert that are safe, such as the north end. A few other areas too, I believe. It sucks to have to move, but that may be your only option if the shelter is bugged.

Oh yeah, are you using windows? I noticed they lower the shelter. I build my walls 2 high and use windows up higher so I don’t lose shelter.

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Yeah I’ll give that a try. At least building a base is much easier now, things actually click together properly.

No windows but good to know - I won’t add any in the future