Sandstorm causes damage while indoors w/100% shelter

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Private
Server Type: PvP
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: Crom’s Mercy
Mods: =MODS=

Bug Description:

The sandstorm causes damage while being indoors with 100% shelter. Doesn’t matter whether there are windows or not, though sandstorms never used to cause issues with windows for me previously.

Bug Reproduction:

Have a sandstorm. Go indooors. Observe 100% shelter icon. Watch your health gradually deplete.


I’m noticing this on my private server too. I have yet to test it on Official though.

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This is currently happening on Playstation server’s pve by Sinners Refuge ripps through most of the base at times dancer’s keep health in check. Don’t recall this happening a. Few years ago. Also no windows. @DaVice @TimeLord75

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Same problem on my PVE-C private server. I tested in a single-player player and the bug did not occur, but it happens for myself and everyone else on my multiplayer server.

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Happens on official servers too, 100% shelter give no protection against sandstorm.


ditto here, no shelter is enough shelter. sadnstorm mask works though.

Yea happen to me too. Stayed in the house and got damage

I can confirm this problem - We started playing yesterday on our private server. Had 2 Sandstorms and in both we got damage. At the first sandstorm we where outside and ran back to our house. Fun Fact: We dived on our way through the river - one of us did not get damage while he was diving the other one still got damage by the sandstorm under water.

We made it back to the house got full shelter and still got damage from the storm.
We thought that we had to much windows in our house - so we removed all but 3 and built solid sand stone walls there. After a while the second storm occured - this time we where already in the house. But we again got damage from the storm - again with a full shelter bar.

I read in Steam discussion board that also otheres experienced this problem. One of them even got damage by the storm as he was in a cave!

So Funcom please fix this bug quickly - its a GameBreaker - at least if you are not playing on a private server and have the drop equip on death turned off.

Yet another issues with multiple bug reports while it was on test.

Happens to me as well, on a PC. Both on a private server and a public server, so far . . .

Can confirm this is happening on my server.

Same problem on officiel PVP server, but need 2 wall or fundation for no take damage now :frowning:

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