Roof Leak, rain/sandstorm in my house help!

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug | Performance]
Region: [EU]


Apparently you can not build a house with out having a leak in the ceiling :cry:

This is a little annoying and it almost feels like the structures are not connecting correct to each other? or maybe the Shelter mechanic is not working as intended.

The same issue happens with the sandstorm and in caves :open_mouth:

I know this is not an issue that has high priority but it would be nice to have fixed.


Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. go to Jungle(Lots of rain)
  2. build house
  3. wait for rain or sandstorm.
  4. see that roof is leaking :sob:
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I would say, leaking roofs no.
Or better said, it depends how high you build your house/room. If you build walls, 2 hights, then ceilings, or a roof, it will not leak. But if you build very hight, it may not cover or better said protect completely, you may feel little bit sandstorm, or see some raindrops.

That’s at least my experience in the game. With small cabine and houses if well closed you will never have a leaking roof. And i have bases all over the map, north, desert, jungle, this in SP and on servers.

Caves may not protect you completely, that’s true. I would love they would protect better, and furnish complet shelter depending the cave. This would feel more natural i mean.

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